We Are Your Trusted Real Estate Advisors

We Are Your Trusted Real Estate Advisors

In our last newsletter we spoke of being your trusted real estate advisor, a relationship that lasts a lifetime!

But what does that mean?

Hopefully a few tangible examples of our “out of the box” work, undertaken since March 2020, will illuminate these actions.

When preparing a listing for market we work very hard to assist the Sellers to get the house ready. Recent efforts include:

  • Rented a storage locker for contents coming out of a property prior to staging
  • Arranged removal and disposal of broadloom, old carpets and curtains
  • Worked with condo management to replace toilets
  • Planted outside planters
  • Sourced new light bulbs and fixtures from specialty lighting stores and replaced the old dusty ones

While on the market we have:

  • Presented virtual open houses
  • Supplied and secured netting to keep raccoons from rolling up new sod
  • Swept front porches and walkways
  • Remade beds

To help clients moving into their new homes, we have:

  • Recommended AV professionals to ensure seamless transition of internet, TV and audio connectivity
  • Recommended and organized handymen to remove decorative screens and mirrors from a dining room
  • Assessed furniture placement and selection for first time home owners

For our buyers we have:

  • Assessed spaces for fit of new or existing furniture
  • Worked directly with lawyers to provide the basic terms for Amendments to new construction condos contracts
  • Delivered working drawings and permits directly to our buyers’ lawyer to fulfill the requirements for Title Insurance
  • Deposited bank drafts to listing brokerage bank accounts to ensure timely receipt of deposits

For our longterm clients we have:

  • Helped them explore market options of moving or staying put and doing some “fixes” to their current home
  • Provided appraisals for bank refinancings and statement of values for taxation purposes
  • Recommended suitable agents for cottage or country properties
  • Provided advice during negotiations of the purchase or sale of vacation properties

Over and above all of this, and perhaps most importantly, we are known for taking care of our own clients as if they are our own family.

Let us be your Dream Team to guide you through your real estate journey.