Thanks to Katie for her professionalism and skills in selling our Father’s home in Lawrence Park so successfully. She was patient and helpful in assisting us to meet our objectives. She comes highly recommended. – JP

Open and honest guidance, feedback, and support. Having Julie share her general knowledge and then recommendations based on what she would do, what clients have done, and our personal situation made the entire process so much easier. – SL

Katie, thanks so much for shepherding us through both of our house transactions. You listened to us, incorporated our feedback, and kept things moving in the right direction at every step of the way.  Those things really helped us to get to the other side of what can be a very straining process. I really appreciate all of your efforts. – JC


Sales Triumph!! Heartiest Congratulations to our Rennie Team. I don’t know how you saved the sale but you certainly salvaged the situation. Many thanks to both of you, Janice and Katie, for this impressive triumph and all the many hours of hard work that this entailed. Now that the dust has cleared, I miss seeing both of you, with your contagious cheery enthusiasm – focused by lots of skill and endurance. I will miss you both, but look forward to seeing you soon. – TC & SH

Great service, attention to detail and our needs from day one. You will be dealing with an extremely professional team that has ALL the bases covered. – HH & DH

Dear Julie & Katie, I cannot Thank You both enough for all our help and support all these years. I’m very fond of your competency and knowledge, but above all you are two fabulous women and a lot of fun to be around! – JM & EM

Janice, you are a miracle worker! Thank you for taking this in hand, thank you to you and your wonderful girls. There is no one better at this then the three of you – we are so grateful for all of your help! – TB

We would like to thank the entire Rennie Team for the tremendous job in selling our house. The team is extremely possessional and answered all of our questions and issues and needs. We were in good hands and they made the whole process easy for us. We were delighted with the selling price and the ease of the closing. We are happy to recommend The Rennie Team to whoever needs a great realtor. – M.O. & N.O.

We just wanted to thank the three of you so very, very much for your time, effort and professionalism in helping us sell and buy our new home. The three of you were an absolute pleasure to work with and I am so glad to have met each of you and very happy that you were a part of this existing experience. – AM

Thank you so much for selling our house so quickly without stress. Your advice and level of professionalism were unmatched. We are looking forward to enjoying our new lifestyle. – AF

Janice, Julie & Katie, our house would not have happened without your help, and we are forever thankful for all the time and love you put into our search! You are the absolute best! – DP

You are all to be congratulated for persevering and finally sell the house! – DH

Your tenacity and perseverance are unmatched. That speaks to the success you have achieved over your career and you are clearly setting a great example in mentoring the next generation. Our appreciation runs deep. – M.G.

We recently made the decision to sell our family home in Lytton Park and invited the Janice Rennie Team to assist us. Why the Janice Rennie Team? Simple really, in our opinion they have expertise andexperience that is unmatched, when it comes to either selling or buying homes in Lytton Park. And, their team approach offered us the power of three extremely knowledgeable, confident and motivated professionals. The result? Our home was sold to a new family in a week. Julie and Katie Rennie then assisted us in buying a pied a terre that is perfectly suited to our needs. We cannot say enough about how we pleased are to have had the opportunity to work with Janice, Julie and Katie. Whether you are contemplating buying or selling a home in this area we highly recommend that you contact The Janice Rennie Team! – B.G.

It has been an absolutely amazing experience working with The Rennie Team from start to finish. We have done a fair amount of real estate transactions (4 homes in the past 8 years) and you have a level of excellence miles beyond what we have experienced. Thank you so very much! – AB & BH

Rennie “Dream” Team – HC

During the whole process we were grateful to have the entire Rennie Team, our our side. They were consistently calm, cool and collected and handled our side, and the other, beautifully. We feel extremely well supported in both the purchase of our new home and the sale of our present house, and we thank all of the Rennie Team for your advice and your management of both processes.

Competent, thorough, professional and client-focused are words that best describe the members of the Rennie Team. Under the leadership and experience of Janice Rennie, all members of the team interchangeably and collectively exceed client expectations. The recent transformation and speedy sale of my home was an exceptional success – the key was simply to let the team do what they do so very well. They were also prompt and attentive in helping me on two home purchases – their timely advice and comprehensive market knowledge enabled me to complete each transaction with a single offer. To complete the package, Janice, Julie and Katie are wonderful people to work with and I most highly recommend each and every one of them. – PM

To the women at The Rennie Team – preserving value for generations. MC

Where and how do I begin to say “Thank You” for all of your energy expanded on our behalf? Our gratitude lies far beyond verbal expression – for truth be known, you have been our catalyst, balances, sanity, clarified and guardian angel who came and gave a hug at just the right moments. With your guidance, we have made another leap on life’s path and have done so with such peacefulness in our hearts. JK

My experience with the Janice Rennie team of Janice, Julie and Katie over four single family home purchases and sales has been outstanding – they are ALWAYS available, always willing to go the extra mile, and they are in constant communication with each other and with the client leading to top-notch, timely and accurate execution of every aspect of your transaction. I would use them again and would recommend them to anyone seeking the highest levels of service and expertise. Their warm and caring manner is an added bonus! HC

The Rennie Team Gets Results. This is why they’re one of the top producers at Chestnut Park. This is why I’ve used them as my Real Estate Agents.

While praise for Janice is most deserving, I think it’s important to note that each and every member of her team played an integral role, and most certainly so with our sale. GY

A huge thank you to The Rennie Team – you Julie, Katie and Janice. We loved working with you – your knowledge, professionalism and dedication was beyond compare. IO

I am so grateful to each of you for all the support you have given to me. Your professionalism made each step seamless and we are so appreciative of your help and guidance along the way. PR

Janice, you and Julie represented our wishes well. You introduced us to quality people in the preparation for the sale and very effectively found a meeting of the minds on final terms and price with a sound buyer. We knew that we would be well served by putting our trust in your integrity and professionalism. JG

Janice, thank you very much for all your help with our house. It has been a wild move with so many shifting parts. It gave us such comfort knowing that our ‘shelter’ was in your capable hands. You are an absolute artist at what you do. Watching you in action is truly amazing. It was a real pleasure working with you – many thanks again and again. – TB

Thank you Janice for your guidance, for your patience and for encouraging me (gently) to get to the right place to get the right house. I am so grateful to have such people as you in my life. – HC

Janice, you have been so considerate and kind throughout the process. It was a joy working with you, which I always knew it would be. You achieve a splendid outcome in a dreadful market. It is the little things that you did which made the difference. – BM

“Thank you so much Janice. Just so you know, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you and all of your team members from start to finish. Thank You very much for all your and your teams effort during the purchase AND sale, it has been a complete pleasure.” – BH

I must say that your team is incredible. From Janice dealing with our offer so quickly to following up repeatedly for your sellers, to receiving the status certificate so quickly to this appointment being confirmed immediately – amazing and seamless experience so far. Thank you!

Janice’s talent – her professionalism wisdom and warm personality make working with her a very rich and happy experience.

We believe that you were the difference today Janice! Many thanks for all you did for us, all the warmth you’re shared with us and the wonderful person you are! MR

Janice, Thank You for your support, your assistance in all areas, your kindness and especially for being a friend. Our house would still be on the market if it wasn’t for your skills and great experience. TW

Janice, you have been stalwart in your professionalism, wisdom and patience. Further, your heartful and tender holding of us at this particularly vulnerable time has been deeply appreciated. This would not have happened without your patient guidance… you have allowed us to not only dream of a future together but to begin building a new future together, one full of hope and healing… Thank You! JR

“Just a little note to say thank you so much for all of your help through this very crazy process of selling then buying. The selling could not have gone better – it was so amazing to have such a great team of people to give us the right price for our house. Janice – thank you for taking the time to jump on the call and reassure me that we were priced right when the new listing down the street came up! Julie – you have been so incredible helping us find a house in Oakville. You are always available and never made me feel like I was being too demanding. You were reassuring and confident that we would find the right house – and we did, thanks to you. You kept me on track when I kept changing my mind. Your knowledge of Oakville and the market is incredible. You really are so talented. I cannot thank you enough for all the time/even nights and weekends you put into helping us. What a truly incredible team!” – KH and LH

We knew Julie had a pretty good tutor and back up if needed, we hired the team! – RP

Julie, you are real pro! We are pleased that you have brought our family home to market so capably, and in a timely way secured a sold buyer. Many thanks. – CB

Thank you Julie! You were such a great help and support for us…and we are so appreciative of ALL your efforts on our behalf. We are also so grateful that a family will move in and love our home as much as we did. – PR

Jules – you and your brilliant team of experts outdid yourselves. Truly, forever grateful. – PBMK

Julie has been our agent over the past 10 years. She has professionally represented us and negotiated on 6 separate properties. Her knowledge, attention to detail, and professional negotiating skills have aided us in reaching our financial goals both as Sellers and Buyers of the properties. I’m extremely confident in recommending Julie’s services. She is not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and respectfully accommodating. – BE & NE

Thanks Julie for sticking with us over the course of the past 6 years. You are a terrific friend, woman and agent! AW

Katie, Thank You so much for everything you’ve done for me! I could not have settled here successfully without you – 2 for 2 terrific homes! – SW

“Katie, Thank you very much for your kind sentiments and also for all your help, patience, enthusiasm and effort in helping us find our new home. We have enjoyed each of our meetings, you are a very special person and hope our paths keep crossing for years to come.” – TD & MS

“We were thrilled with Katie and the entire Janice Rennie Team. As you know, we switched to Katie because we were confident that you were the best positioned to help us sell our house. And we were proven right! – KM & TM

”The Rennie Team was great and Katie was so wonderful to work with“. – JR

“We really loved working with you Katie. We felt throughout the entire process that we were with the right team! You were thorough, patient and understanding and, most importantly, got us the best result! We have been singing your praises all over town!” – KM & TM

“We are settling in and happily adjusting to our new life. Now that the move is behind us, we are so happy with our decision. Thank You Katie for helping us through this new chapter!” – JW

Katie, you keep spoiling us! We are loving our new home and got together with a group of neighbours last night for some Christmas cheer. We have absolutely no regrets about the move… Which I guess is pretty obvious since I keep sending people your way. SC

“Katie, it feels like we spent a lot of time together in 2016! Thank you for your guidance, positivity and general good cheer. We hope to bother you a lot less in 2017” – A&D

“Thanks so much for all your patience, guidance, professional skills and most importantly your friendship!

We feel very lucky you are in our life. Please know how much we respect your mad real estate skills!!!”