Thornbury Bakery Café, where diets can wait for another day.

The counters are piled high with baked delights and you find yourself frozen, paralyzed with indecision. Do you indulge in a butter tart or a Chelsea bun? A sticky knot? Oh, wait! Maybe a pecan pie tart! There are simply too many goodies to choose from, too many temptations calling out to you.
By Andrew Hind (Article originally published in the Winter 2021 Issue of Invest In Style Magazine)

Welcome to Thornbury Bakery Café, where diets can wait for another day.


Owners Dave and Trish Smith love to see patrons struggling with indecision. It’s a mark of success, one they could only have dreamed of when, in 2008, they decided to leave Toronto and their corporate careers behind, move their children – Doug, Jocelyn and Jordyn – to The Blue Mountains, and purchase the Thornbury Bakery Café. Embraced by the community, and with the entire family pitching in, the bakery has become a thriving business.


“We’re much more than just a bakery,” enthuses Jordyn, who started serving customers at age 14 and today, 13 years later, works full-time in management and marketing. “We have a full breakfast and lunch menu, serve organic coffee, and offer a full line of healthy Meals 2 Go, which has really blossomed this year as a result of Covid-19.”

Much has changed in the past year – for the bakery and for the community at large – because of the pandemic. But in times of uncertainty, people find comfort in tradition and Thornbury Bakery Café is steeped in it. Indeed, the bakery has been a landmark on the town’s main street since at least 1901. “That tradition shapes a lot of our business decisions,” explains Jordyn, proud of the legacy her family is carrying forth. “We want to live up to it by providing an experience that exceeds expectations.” 


“Quality means everything to our family. We strive to provide an experience for you that will exceed your expectations.” Back row, left to right: Doug Smith, Trish Smith, Dave Smith. Front row, left to right: Jocelyn Smith, Jordyn Smith.

“We’re a 100% scratch bakery,” Jordyn continues. “Our bakers start around 10pm and make everything using home-made methods. Absolutely nothing is frozen, which is rare in the bakery world today. You can taste the difference.”


The Thornbury Bakery Café’s delectable pecan sticky knots are an all-time favourite of guests.

The problem is, customers are tempted to taste everything. With a menu overflowing with treats, how does one choose? Jordyn helps by pointing out some personal favourites. Looking for a fantastic brunch item? Try the ooey-gooey-good cinnamon buns, famous locally for being the height of decadence. Top-level tasty and literally standing above every pie you’ve ever had is the Mile-High Lemon Meringue Pie, using grandma’s handed-down recipe. Finally, Jordyn urges patrons to try the flourless chocolate cake – “dense, moist and rich, it’s to die for.”

Thornbury Bakery Café is also well-known for its lines of gluten-free and keto, grain-free breads. Sold across Canada, they are healthy without sacrificing flavour. “All-natural, preservative-free, non-GMO – but still very much ‘real food’ which is the foundation of our business,” Jordyn says.



In many ways, Thornbury Bakery Café is a reflection of its community – warm and hospitable, honest and delightful.

Just the Facts:
Location: 12 Bruce Street, Thornbury
Hours: Monday to Sunday 8-4 (Thornbury Bakery and Café is currently not open for in-person dining, but welcomes takeout orders)
Phone: 519-599-3311