Staying Up To Date With The Rennie Team


We Want You To Stay Informed!

Every day we are bombarded with information on COVID-19 – an extended lockdown date, updated numbers of new cases, or new protocols.

We are sharing with you a blog produced by Dr Andy Thompson. It is presented in an unbiased way based on statistical information and it is extremely valuable.

Dr Thompson is a practicing Rheumatologist & Associate Professor of Medicine at University of Western Ontario. Dr Thompson’s blog – Rheuminfo – provides an insightful and clear update regarding COVID-19 which focuses on the current global growth trajectory with an emphasis on the Canadian perspective. He has successfully integrated stats from the WHO, Health Canada, and the Ontario Ministry of Health. Dr Thompson also shares interesting commentaries on ideas related to vaccines, social distancing and mask wearing. This blog is updated approximately every 2 days. 

Join with us in maintaining physical distancing, practicing good hand washing and only going out for essential trips.

Together, we can protect one another.

Together, we will get through this.

-The Rennie Team

In today’s video update, Dr. Andy Thompson explores the reasoning behind why wearing masks may reduce the spread of COVID-19. Dr. Thompson then explores real world data to see if there is any convincing evidence it has been beneficial in any other country.