Our Fall Issue of Invest In Style Is On The Way!

Watch for our new winter issue of Invest In Style Magazine, landing in mailboxes and will be available digitally next week! 



“Our previous issue was digital-only. It came out during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic that took hold here last spring. The stories, articles and features were all there, online, but they lacked the impact and didn’t bring the joy and excitement that a printed magazine – held, browsed, and savoured – provides. It was missed by many of our readers. We hope this issue of Invest In Style will not only bring you that excitement when you open the magazine and see all the amazing features inside, but will also serve to remind us all of less unsettling times, and help us look forward to the future.” – Chris Kapches, President and CEO.




Our cover story features Tridel’s new Edenbridge development on The Kingsway, and the many innovative, pandemic-inspired technologies that are going to be included in new condo builds. And in the Changing Spaces feature you will read how Covid-19 is reshaping the designs of three outstanding architects.


You can check out featured properties at www.investinstyle.ca

Ensure you receive a copy by requesting one: [email protected]