Five Memorable & Fun Ideas To Help Celebrate Our Grads – The Class Of 2020!

By: Julie Rennie

While all students have had their normal routines and school year interrupted due to the COVID crisis, it is the graduating classes of Grade 8, Grade 12 and University Students that have had their final year upended.  As a mom of Grade 12 Graduate, my heart goes out to these students. Instead of enjoying their final term, Senior Skip Day, Prom and walking across the stage to receive their must deserved diplomas, they have been forced to complete their classes online and  ‘see” their friends via Zoom, House Party or FaceTime.

So, if you are a parent or friend, instead of letting our grads wallowing in these missed events, here 5 memorable & fun ideas to help celebrate our grads – the Class of 2020
1. Make a keepsake photo book of their final year. Fill it with photo memories of school events, trips, birthdays, sports teams, and of course, tons of photo with friends. Easy to use Shutter Fly or Apple Photo Books.
2. Install a lawn sign or decorate your front door to let everyone know a grad is in the house.  While this may embarrass them, deep down they will know they are loved. Lawn Signs or Hello Pink Lawn Cards
3. Host a virtual Zoom Graduation with family and friends. Perhaps include a few speeches from special people and even design & print a graduation diploma for presentation.
4. Create a video of congrats or an online card. One of the challenges for this year’s graduates is they will miss those final days of saying good-bye to teachers and classmates. So bring these people to your student by asking them to sign an online card or contribute photos or a video message to your virtual greeting. Group Greeting Card is an excellent option for an online card.
5. Host a special dinner at home. Whether it be a backyard BBQ or a sit down dinner in the dining room, just make sure you serve up the grads favourite meal and don’t forget a special graduation cake!
Whether you celebrate your graduate in ways big or small, we hope they finish their elementary, high school or university years with wonderful memories and knowing that they are the light that will make our future brighter. Happy Graduation Class of 2020!