Detailed Masterpiece in Winnipeg | 1063 Wellington Crescent

Welcome to 1063 Wellington Crescent. The crescendo of a symphony in thought and detail.




In the world that we have built and crafted around us, in all things, few stand apart. Whether it be a sculpture or painting, a garment, a piece of clothing, or a home or building. Most everyday things are utilitarian, they offer a simple solution to a problem. But, there are those things built not just to serve a simple purpose, but to do so elegantly, beautifully, crafted with time, care, thought and brilliance. A dream to be created by the hands of a master, to give that dream life, to create in it more than just a thing, an emotion, a feeling…




A depth of thought in every detail, every stone, every corner, every finished material, and piece… designed, and placed for exactly where it is in the home, like a clockwork. The finest examples of woods, stones, marbles, and glasses. The spaces, designed for living, elegantly complement each other, with every craft working together… The crescendo of a symphony in thought and detail played for the eyes, the mind, and the heart.





Some things can be seen, others must be felt, must be experienced. A picture paints one thousand words. Here, one thousand words are lacking. With almost 22,000 square feet of the finest finished living spaces, a separate riverside home, and a four-acre estate on one of the finest streets in the world, this can only be an experience in person. An opportunity, for one person, once in their lifetime.



The magnum opus. The masterpiece.




This property is currently listed at $9,250,000. For more information, please contact Maggie Lind at (416) 925-9191. It is co-listed with Bobby Wall of Sutton Group Kilkenny Real Estate.