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Ahhhhh Muskoka! The sound of the loons. The gentle lapping of the water under the dock. A quiet morning paddle. The allure of the cottage is somewhat a cult ritual every season. There is nothing quite like it. Summer at the cottage is steeped in family traditions and fills the walls in picture galleries around the lakes.



The magic of your dream cottage can start as early as the planning phase for new construction. At Cynthia Ferguson Designs, we are often contacted as soon as our clients have received their architect’s floor plans. It is imperative to leave no stone unturned when planning your summer home. How will the light play in the interiors? Where will the teenagers be sleeping? How many extended family members will be visiting? Do we need to think about the next generation? What materials will last with the sand and wet bathing suits? How can we build in flexible seating areas? How do we create a home rather than a showroom look?



While we were planning the renovation of our family cottage on an island on Lake Rosseau, there were so many things to consider. How to deal with disposal, how to get the kitchen appliances, cabinetry, and countertops on a barge without my Mom having a meltdown as she watched the barge rock back and forth from the marina. Time lines. Costs. Material selection.


It can all seem so overwhelming and with our short summer season, the planning of a build or a cottage refresh becomes a herculean effort. Hiring a Design team with loads of experience to help you with the logistics and execution, as well as the planning and sourcing, is a great way to ensure that you are sitting in your Muskoka room enjoying the sunset!


The most common discussion we have with our clients is how to differentiate the cottage interiors from their city home. Our cottages today are not the summer homes of yesteryear. They are larger, smarter, and much more sophisticated. We also still want our cottages to feel like homes, reflective of the myriad of summer activities and memories being built for generations to come.



Muskoka Cottage Interior Design

The interiors of the cottage must be user friendly which definitely calls for durable outdoor fabrics, used inside on the upholstery. Our fabrics have changed as much as our cottages have. A number of fabric companies have developed beautiful, stain resistant materials perfectly suited for the cottage owner wanting summer white interiors. Kitchen stools covered in fabulous stripes designed to remind us of mattress ticking is made even better when the grandchild’s wet bathing suit won’t leave a mark. Or seagrass rugs lining the floors of the boathouse which will stand up to the hours of ping pong tournaments and teenage sleepovers.



The correct material selection is paramount for our summer cottages whether it is a countertop, your bedding or the rattan day bed on the veranda. Seasonal wear and tear can be heavy, so the assistance of a good designer well versed in all the options available is a great place to start, whether you need to just reupholster the family heirlooms or you are starting from scratch and building new!



Whether your summers are spent on the shores of the Muskoka lakes in a cottage that has been in the family for generations or you are dreaming of the summers ahead in your new cottage, Cynthia Ferguson Designs can help you with your project!


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