Wychwood is one of Toronto’s most intriguing neighbourhoods. The enclave, which was once a former gated community, sits just north of Davenport Road and west of Bathurst. This private community, with its private driveways and meandering creek, has its own council and is very strict about protecting the privacy of the neighbourhood. Which is why, no doubt, it remains a mysterious neighbourhood to the rest of Toronto.

In the 19th century, the neighbourhood was envisioned as an artists’ colony, which was to be home to an artistic community. Artist Marmaduke Matthews was the man behind the vision, and he named the enclave after his childhood home, Wychwood, in Oxfordshire. He and his friend Alexander Jardine jointly bought the land in 1891 and registered a plan of subdivision in what is now Wychwood.

The homes here compliment the landscape of the neighbourhood and are built in the Arts and Crafts style, and include a few contemporary homes as well. In terms of new-builds, there aren’t many. The council is quite strict on what is built so to preserve the cohesive feel of the neighbourhood.

Wychwood also contains a ravine area known as Taddle Creek Pond –created by damming Taddle Creek. Residents share an outdoor tennis court.

This private community is managed by an executive council and is committed to paying for its streets and amenities. In 1985, Wychwood was the first residential zone in Ontario to be granted heritage status.

Neighbourhood Map