#PassThePlate2020 with The Rennie Team

We are on a mission with Food Banks Canada to raise 350,000 meals for those who are in need. Anyone can lend a hand when it comes to giving back during these trying & challenging times.

Join Us at The Rennie Team in the #PassThePlate2020 challenge. For every post of you “passing the plate”, we will donate $5, which is equivalent to 10 meals for hungry Canadians.*

Participation is easy with these 3 simple steps:

  1. Post a pic or video of you on Instagram/Facebook passing a plate with the hashtag #PassThePlate2020
  2. Tag @TheRennieTeam in your post.
  3. Tag & challenge your friends to do the same.

To make a personal donation to Food Banks Canada, click here now.

Providing food to those in need is important. With COVID-19, it is critical. Please donate now to put a smile on someone’s face and food on their table. When you give what you are able to share, and give from your heart, each and every gift is equally and vitally important. 

Join us. Together, we can make a difference. Let’s get posting!

*The Rennie Team will donate up to $500 for all posts with #PassThePlate2020 during the month of October 2020.